The Ending Diagonal Pattern is simply the most Dynamic of all Elliott Wave Patterns.

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What you can expect at Ending Diagonal… !!

  • Intradray, Short Term & Long Term Trade Setups and Elliott Wave Counts for 19 currency Pairs.
  • Elliott Wave & Ending Diagonal Setups and Wave Counts for 19 currency pairs on short & long term time frames
  • We look for minimum 50 pip profit potential, on average 70-80 pips profits (Ending Diagonals only).
  • At least 1-2 Intraday reliable, solid Trade Setups each day based on Elliott Wave patterns. We focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Pricing : US$147 per month. Discounts offered for 3 month, 6 month and 1 year memberships.
  • Regular Emails for every video update, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Suitable for New or Intermediate Traders with Clear levels of where to place Stops and Targets.
  • Video Analysis 3-5 times per week for Interesting Elliott Wave Counts and / or Trade Setups.
  • Absolute MUST HAVE for serious traders who are looking for 80-20 Trade setups.

… & Slightly more in detail !!

High Quality Forex Trade Setups & Analysis based on Elliott Wave Patterns (including Ending Diagonal).

Intraday, Intermediate and Longer Term Trade Setups for 19 currency pairs based on Elliott Wave Patterns.  Plus Video Analysis 3-5 times per week of Elliott Wave Counts for Imminent or Developing Trade Setups. We provide detailed levels of Entry, Stops, and Targets.

We also provide Long Term Elliott Wave Counts for all 19 currency pairs.  Simply click on the pair you are interested in for updated commentary and charts.

We usually get 1-2 trades per week on the Ending Diagonal Setup (more if we’re lucky, less if we’re not).  Add that 1-2 High Probability Intraday Trade Setups Each Day on other Elliott Wave Patterns, and you’ll find this membership absolutely essential to your profitability.

A Serious Value for Money membership !


Kenneth W,

Great elliott analysis and very good setups.  Really liking it, trading has become so much clearer to me.


Its good that you cover so many currency pairs, and that ending diagonal is able to find quality setups on a daily basis…

Henry L.,

I was a bit unsure initially at the price tag, but i’ve already recovered the cost in 2 days, so no complaints from me.

Rohan S,

Great job on the setups.  Your videos are so informative and analytical.  My trading has really improved.  Keep it up !

Hope D,

I love the fact that so many different time frames are covered, i can keep my day job and still trade whenever i want.

Ying M.,

Very good analysis…